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Rolling Contact Type Automatic Voltage Controller http://www.pecindia.co.in/products/automatic-voltage-controller POWER ENGINEERS COMPANY have developed LINER TYPE REGULATOR WITH ROLLING CONTACT CARBON ROLLERS and installed up to 5000 KVA capacity. Which are suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle & having more than 99% efficiency. Industrial units achieve the under noted advantages after installing Servo Voltage Stabilizers.  Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments upto 60-80%.  Energy saving : 5 to 10% on motor load & 15-25% on lighting load.  Reduction in MDI : Definite reduction in MDI by 10-15%.  Improvement in power factor : In case of high voltage only.  Depreciation allowance @ 80% as per Income tax Act  Uniform quality of end product. Supplier of Rolling Contact type Linear Automatic Voltage Controller
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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Benefits of Voltage Optimization - With the ever-increasing price of electricity on the one hand and Government pressure such as taxation on greenhouse gas emissions and the obligation to report on these emissions on the other, businesses are looking for solutions that provide a real return on investment. Voltage Stabilizer provides following benefits:  Lower electricity consumption  Reduced energy costs  Protection of valuable electrical equipment  Reducing Carbon Climate Change Levy  Managing the impact of the Carbon Floor Price  Supporting corporate sustainability and social responsibility policies http://www.powerengineersco.com/servo-voltage-stabilizers.htm Supplier of Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Gujarat
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Electroplating Rectifier http://www.pecindia.co.in/ POWER ENGINEERS COMPANY offers a complete range of rectifier equipment ranging up to 0 - 1500 volts / 25, 000 AMPS for all following applications and provides engineering, design and technical support in choosing the right solution/equipment Leading supplier of Electroplating Rectifier in Vadodara Gujarat
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Manufacturer of Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer of Servo Voltage Stabilizer automatic voltage controllers, Industrial Transformers Dry Type, Oil Cooled, Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator, Servo Voltage Stabilizer ranging capacity (U.K. based Brentford type), Variable voltage supply Special Purpose Transformers (step up / step down, auto transformers, Ultra Isolation Transformers), Rectifier equipment's Leading Manufacturer of Servo Voltage Stabilizer Gujarat
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Automatic Voltage Regulator http://www.pecindia.co.in/products/automatic-voltage-controller/ POWER ENGINEERS COMPANY manufacturing Industrial Transformers, Industrial Automatic Voltage Controller, Servo controlled voltage stabilizer, Variable Voltage Regulator, Special Purpose Transformers, Ultra Isolation Transformers, Electro chemical & Electroplating Rectifier equipments for Industrial applications. Suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle & having more than 99% efficiency. Commitment to provide an UNCONDITIONAL GURANTEE for FIVE YEARS. Delivery within 10-15 days. Leading supplier of Automatic Voltage Regulator in Vadodara Gujarat