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Ultra Isolation Transformer Vadodara Surges & Spikes are generated due to the switching in Power House, Sub – Station, on – Off of machines in Own Plant and surrounding industries on the same line. These Surges & Spikes are for very short duration (in mile sec.), which effects the sensitive electronic/ computerized machines and damage the electronics cards and programming of CNC machines. With the installation of Ultra Isolation Transformers, it will control Surges and Spikes (as it ground the line noise, transients, Surges & Spikes and generate Isolated neutral) to a great extent and protect your sensitive electronic/ computerized machines. Filters power line noise, spikes and transients. Isolates sensitive equipment from noisy power lines. Complete with electrostatic shielding. Minimizing common mode noise by over 130 db. Surge Protection Capacity is more than 6KV. Leading supplier Ultra Isolation Transformer Vadodara Bhavnagar Rajkot Jamnagar Junagadh Gandhidham Morbi Surendranagar Veraval Porbandar Bhuj Kutch Botad Palanpur Patan Jetpur Gondal Rajkot Amreli Mehsana. for more details http://www.powerengineersco.com
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