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Rolling Contact Type Automatic Voltage Controller http://www.pecindia.co.in/products/automatic-voltage-controller POWER ENGINEERS COMPANY have developed LINER TYPE REGULATOR WITH ROLLING CONTACT CARBON ROLLERS and installed up to 5000 KVA capacity. Which are suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle & having more than 99% efficiency. Industrial units achieve the under noted advantages after installing Servo Voltage Stabilizers.  Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments upto 60-80%.  Energy saving : 5 to 10% on motor load & 15-25% on lighting load.  Reduction in MDI : Definite reduction in MDI by 10-15%.  Improvement in power factor : In case of high voltage only.  Depreciation allowance @ 80% as per Income tax Act  Uniform quality of end product. Supplier of Rolling Contact type Linear Automatic Voltage Controller
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